Hi again. I’m primarily focused on on-camera acting these days, with my theater work more dedicated to directing, but I have been known to consider theatrical roles that are in the sweet spot of the interesting–lucrative Venn diagram.

I’m Union-free at the moment, but hopefully scads of union work in the near future will make that a necessity! Currently, I am represented by BMG, Talent Group and Karen Stavins.

You can view and download my on-camera resume here or, if you feel we’d be a good fit, check out my theater resume here. Clips, you say? See below.

Here’s “Bacon: A Cure-All,” the promo video I did for Chicago’s Baconfest event, directed by the super-talented Ky Dickens:


Here’s an HILARIOUS episode of World’s Worst Musical I did for Verse Factory (I play Sir Thomas Crapper!):

I did this commercial for Galaxie (I play “husband”!)…

Here’s the “Interior” Galaxie commercial. I don’t speak but I do some awesome “towel acting”:

I do a pretty good Bert Lahr in this webisode by Far From Famous Comedy (you can see me briefly between 1:10 and 1:20 and then bring it home starting at 22:38):

And here’s my passable BBC accent narrating a pistachio-flavored dessert guerilla advertising campaign…